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Michael is devoted to working with dogs and learning how humans and canines can live harmoniously through better communication.

This inviting, humorous and easy to follow guide prepares you for the challenges that lie ahead and the joy a new puppy can bring. Starting from the planning stage before the puppy arrives straight through to adolescence, What Can You Expect When You Are Expecting A Puppy prepares you for everything you'll need to know in order to raise a happy, well-centered dog using positive reinforcement training methods.


Michael Schaier appeared on News 12's "Animal Island"

Guest and new author Michael Schaier speaks with Channel 12 news anchor Stone Grissom on the importance of exercising your dog.


Under Michael's leadership, Michael's Pack combines positive reinforcement behavior training with patience and understanding.

Michael Schaier appeared on News 12's "On the Job"

News 12's Sean Bergin helps some furry friends master sitting and staying in this week's "On The Job" with Michael's Pack dog training.


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Michael Schaier appeared on PIX 11

It's National Pet Day! Here's how to adopt a dog.


Jessica Bartels

Long Island Dog Trainer

Jessica BartelsJessica Bartels gained a passion for working with the canine community when she volunteered to walk dogs at local Humane Society shelters. From this experience, Jessica discovered that helping homeless and impoverished animals made her happy and gave her a profound sense of purpose. She then began engaging in missions to rescue dogs from kill shelters and find them loving new homes. At the same time as these missions, she was also running and supervising doggie daycare groups, ensuring a safe and fun environment for dogs of all breeds and sizes. After four years of performing this work, Jessica realized she might be able to help decrease the unnecessary surrender rate of misunderstood and misguided pets to shelters. She thought this could be done by informing dog owners how to properly train their pets to become pleasant, well mannered family members. Dog training was her avenue to achieving this.

Jessica pursued her certification and has been working as a professional trainer for three years now. She is certified as a Master Dog Trainer (MDT), and Dog Behavior Specialist (DBS).

Due to her extensive experience with dogs in a group setting, Jessica specializes in understanding canine body language, as well as animal socialization and interaction. Additionally, she works largely with the puppy population, helping new dog owners understand how their puppies learn, why they do the things they do, and how to combat nuisance puppy behaviors.

Our dog is starting a new path to a much happier life, and so are we.


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