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Michael is devoted to working with dogs and learning how humans and canines can live harmoniously through better communication.

This inviting, humorous and easy to follow guide prepares you for the challenges that lie ahead and the joy a new puppy can bring. Starting from the planning stage before the puppy arrives straight through to adolescence, What Can You Expect When You Are Expecting A Puppy prepares you for everything you'll need to know in order to raise a happy, well-centered dog using positive reinforcement training methods.


Michael Schaier appeared on News 12's "Animal Island"

Guest and new author Michael Schaier speaks with Channel 12 news anchor Stone Grissom on the importance of exercising your dog.


Under Michael's leadership, Michael's Pack combines positive reinforcement behavior training with patience and understanding.

Michael Schaier appeared on News 12's "On the Job"

News 12's Sean Bergin helps some furry friends master sitting and staying in this week's "On The Job" with Michael's Pack dog training.


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It's National Pet Day! Here's how to adopt a dog.


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Michael's Pack Reviews


"When we were getting a new four legged addition to the family, the only option for us was Michael. His patience, understanding and guidance with our new pup has set us on a path of mutual understanding and respect between all family members! I would highly recommend getting in touch with Michael's Pack for help with all areas of training for you and your canine companion - Thank you Michael - Boux says Hi!"

"Dear Michael,

My wife, myself and our Golden-Doodle would like to thank you for assisting us in the training of our dog.

We had a total of five private lessons with you coming to our house when our dog was about 11 months old.  Your teaching and coaching skills are excellent and gave us the wherewithal to manage our very spirited dog. Each lesson built upon the prior sessions and the plan for the hour was established when we explained the difficulties we experienced the week before.

We have had three dogs over the past 25 years. The present dog was a much greater challenge!  We became confident in our ability to manage the problems we had and to continue her training as she matures and becomes more tractable.

Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge and for providing continuous encouragement."

Diane and Jim

"Thanks to you, Michael, I have a wonderful friend and companion. Silver is a great blessing in my life and I am forever grateful for your help. Happy Hanukkah/Christmas and all love, Margaret."


"Michael Schaier has saved our lives. Our family thoughtfully decided to get a dog and went to the Westminster Dog Show, "Meet the Breeds" to find the right dog and we fell for the Japanese, Kishu Ken. After proper vetting by the Texas breeder, we picked up Belle from Laguardia airport at 5 months of age. This beautiful, yet dominant breed needed socialization and training, and fortunately Michael was already engaged by us after he previously helped us with the rescue of an elderly Husky we boarded for a short time (Michael donated his efforts based on his love for animals). Belle the Kishu Ken was overwhelmed by her new congested-suburban environment, incessantly barking at anyone outside of or entering the house; afraid to go outside for a walk; afraid to meet other dogs during her walks; and displaying instinct-based behavior of herding. Well, Michael trained US how to train our dog! Michael taught us patience, yet firmness, using rewards/positive reinforcement methods (as opposed to negative based use-of-force methods to establish dominance over our dog, as suggested by others). Well, thank God for Michael because in a few weeks Belle had responded to Michael's methods and responds to commands of "come" and "sit."  After another month, Belle learned to "stay," "down," "walk" on leash without pulling or tugging, no longer has fears of meeting other dogs or of environmental noises (cars, doors opening, fears of walking past garbage cans or piles of trash bags during our walks). At this point, Belle was ready for the "Big Time": Belle was allowed to enter Michael's Pack Play-Time arena where she could run free with other dogs of her size in an enclosed room supervised by a trainer, and really learn to socialize with other dogs. This two tiered approach has truly transformed Belle from a scared, instinct-driven canine to a loyal pet which responds to commands, tolerates guests in the house, befriends return-guests with tail-wags, and greets other dogs with playful behavior. Without Michael, I am unsure how we would have been able to keep our Belle. We feel blessed to have come in contact with Michael and his organization. Currently,  Michael is teaching Belle and my daughter how to work the canine obstacle course as practiced in the dog shows. There seems to be no limits to Michael's abilities and professional prowess!"

J.W., Long Island, N.Y.

"Thank you, Michael! At first, our puppy was so out of control, that we
wondered whether we could even keep him. After 6 sessions with Michael
training both our dog and us, we could not imagine our lives without Petey.
His expertise, consistency, and patience helped us in addressing all of the
problems. He gave us the tools and understanding to help improve our
relationship with Petey going forward. It was a great success and we are all
so happy. Thanks again, Michael!"

"We just wanted to express our thanks to Jessica! She did a wonderful job training us on how to train our two mini pinchers. We have learned things that we can carry over through the years with them. Also, the introduction with our pups and our daughter went very well — thank goodness — using the techniques she gave us.  She is wonderful, flexible and patient. 
Thank you."

Vanessa, Chris, Lenny and Lola Kelly 

"Cody is half of our dynamic duo of dogs.  He is a 4 1/2 year-old Boxer mix adopted from a private rescue group.  When we first got Cody, he was apprehensive, but wanted so badly to be part of our family.  Gradually he adapted and is a major part of our family unit.  About one month ago Cody became unfriendly with me.  He would not let me touch his neck and would growl at me.  He actually nipped me a couple of times.   His behavior had me fearful and I truly believed I would have to get rid of my beloved dog.  Not knowing what else to do, I called my vet and was put in touch with Michael's Pack.   After the initial call (and some helpful hints from Michael), my husband and I signed up for three sessions at home to figure out Cody's issues.  After the first session alone, Cody's behavior has reverted back pretty much to the way it was and our pack is back in sync.  We are still working on some minor things, but we couldn't have done it without Michael and his wonderful advice and practical approach.   Thanks Michael!"

Stephanie Riviera

"Thanks so much for your training tips over the past five weeks for our little Dunkin. They were quite helpful for him to become a happy dog that will give us years of pleasure."

Sincerely, Alan , Arlene and Dunkin Brunkhorst

"Beginner class exceeded our expectations. We all learned a lot and had fun. Great class!"

Sherri & Jason Federico

"Thanks Michael for an incredible training experience!!!! You made living with a new, energetic, powerful puppy pleasant and exciting. The results are amazing. Oreo is becoming a beautiful, well-behaved pup bringing us much love and happiness. Thanks again!"

Rosanne Sharky

"Michael and I would like to thank Michael's Pack - Long Island Dog Trainers for hosting a Pet First Aid and CPR certification course on Saturday. It was well taught and we feel empowered to act in the event of an emergency with our boy Hugo. It truly means a lot to us that our story inspired you to have this class, it speaks volumes for the love and care you have as professionals and for the precious pets you work with."

Michele Moccia-DiMaggio

"Michael is a wonderful, caring professional. My husband and I have learned a lot about training our puppy with love and discipline. Our dog benefited from this program and we highly recommend the group class to others" 

Joanne W

"We have Jessica Bartels as our dog's trainer. We never had a dog before, and all of a sudden we had a 3 month old puppy we had no idea what to do with. At our first lesson, Jessica brought structure to our house and taught us just how to take care of our new little one. Her tips and tricks made our lives so much easier and helped us to learn how to communicate properly with our new dog, Ellie. Jessica is very patient and caring. Hiring her as a trainer was the best thing we did, and now we have the tools we need to continue training our puppy. We also have a 5 year old, and Jessica helped train her as well and showed her how to act around Ellie (our goldendoodle)."

Pam Bobrow, Long Island NY

"After what happened on our walk the other night we felt compelled to share this so that anyone considering hiring a trainer would know that Michael should be his or her first choice. Our dog Winnie is 7 ½ years old and because of a near fatal illness when she was just six weeks old she was never properly socialized. Since given a clean bill of health at close to a year old, we tried puppy class and exposing her to the "real world", but she's been riddled with anxiety issues and fear aggression her whole life. She spent her days getting herself sick over every noise and crazy over every person that passed the house, tried to enter the house or even tried to leave the house. We were beside ourselves trying everything we could to work with her, but also never stopped spoiling her because we are big pushovers for her pretty face. A few months ago we met Michael at a pet store and talked, well actually cried, about Winnie and how hard it was for her and for us. The stress was hurting all of us. He offered to try and help us, and I can say emphatically that he has. We have only had a few sessions to date, but the changes in all of us are enormous. We used to have to walk Winnie very late at night to avoid crossing the paths of any people or animals, but now she is getting better with every trip on the leash and even manages the occasional stroll in the bright sunlight. She has learned to listen and seems to be giving up on her need to be in charge. We have had people to the house without confrontation, no small feat for a dog that would bark so viciously, you just knew it was a matter of time before she bit someone. After a couple of sessions, we ventured to a dog park with Michael at the front of the pack. The first trip was anxious and tentative, but the second trip was better -she was "sniffed"and didn't react badly! We've also learned the value of "flooding"to change bad behavior and bad habits, and it is working. Winnie can now sit by the front door when it's open and watch the outside world without trying to attack it. All of this brings us to the other night. Miss Winnie has never approached strangers, ever. In fact, she pulls to walk in whatever direction would take her away from the. The other night on her walk, we were passing a couple and their young son who was in a wheel chair. The boy said "What a pretty doggie. Pretty dog, pretty dog."And that's when it happened -Winnie took a few steps towards the boy, sat down and when the boy put his hand out, she nudged forward and allowed him to scratch her ears. It was only for a few moments and then she rose to walk away. The boy said "pretty dog"again, Winnie let out a muffled howl and we went on our way. I could have cried right there, but it was in a state of shock. Thanks to Michael's patience, knowledge and love of what he does, our little girl is starting a new path to a much happier life, and so are we. Thank you Michael. Thank you for sharing your love of animals and your vast knowledge with us."

Lorraine, Maureen and Winnie Malverne, NY

"Michael is the greatest dog trainer I've ever known. I have a nine-month-old golden named Rosie who was totally out of control. After just five weeks Rosie now is better behaved and much calmer since training with Michael. One of the best moves I've made and I'm glad I did."

Sincerely yours, Marie & Henry

"The training was wonderful. I know I am a better owner because I know how to direct and train Zack. The training exceed our expectations. Zack benefited from participating in Group Class and we absolutely love this place. I highly recommend Michael's Pack Dog Training Center."

Meghan and Elizabeth

"I never had a dog in my entire life, but decieded to bring a yellow labrador puppy into my home last February, 2012. Needless to say, I had no idea what was in store for me and quickly realized that I needed help in training Eli. My children and I were actually scared of dogs before meeting Eli. My husband and I hired Michael to train Eli and it was by far one of the BEST decision we have ever made. Michael is extremely knowledgeable and possesses a rare gift, sort of like a dog whisperer. He immediately had Eli enthralled with him and soon Eli was obeying his directives and so was I. I had been very nervous with the undertaking of having a dog, but having Michael by my side gradually put my fears at ease. Michael not only trained Eli to be the wonderful, sweet dog that he is, but he also trained my family and me in understanding Eli. Eli and I both looked forward to Michael's visits, we were both eager to learn. Eli even costarred in a channel 12 exerpt with Michael about dog training. When Eli first came to live with my family, life was crazy, but now Eli is a member of the family and we couldn't imagine him not being in our lives. Michael is the dog trainer everyone should have for their dog(s), he is caring, knowledgeable and an all around genuine good person."

Caryn Schneider

"Michael Schaier is an extremely knowledgeable dog trainer. He has taught my husband and me an enormous amount about living with our two terriers. We learned how to communicate with them better and establish ourselves in the "pack."Michael has an obvious passion for his work and possesses expert knowledge of canines. He uses patience and positive reinforcement to train. Appointments were flexible and punctual. During our personalized sessions, Michael was able to balance both dogs and answer all of our questions. With Michael's help, we were able to improve on simple commands and learn some more advanced ones. We decreased barking and jumping while greeting visitors and the aggressiveness between Brandi and Luke has diminished. We have seen great results! Our home is more calm and controlled because the dogs are better behaved and live more agreeably. We highly recommend Michael's Pack."

Thank you again!! Mike, Tracey, Brandi, and Luke.

"Bailey's group puppy class exceeded our expectations. We learned so many techniques for training a good puppy. This was a great training program to get your dog use to other dogs and it trained me to be a better leader. "

C. Falcinelli

"We have been FORTUNATE ENOUGH to have engaged Mike for dog training services for the past several months, with exceptional results! Mike's RESULTS HAVE BEEN REMARKABLE... HE'S VERY very intuitive, not only to our dog (10 month old Golden Retriever, "Jake"), but also to us humans... Mike has CONSISTENTLY helped our family be aware of the impact of our emotions, during the training process, has on our dog... meaning if Jake senses our frustrations, distress, he will escalate.. If however, we are all on the same page, calm, unified in our consistent approaches that Mike teaches us, remain confident that all will go as expected... all will go smoothly and we will have a happy, obedient dog! Mike is a pleasure to work with for millions of reasons, in that he has an at ease, warm manner, interacts beautifully with all family members, particularly the children and those who may be inclined to "resist" improved ways of training techniques, in that he teaches by the example he sets during his sessions, he's a wonderful role model to watch in action, which is the best proof possible! Mike is very encouraging to all of us and he 's very loving to our dog... always taking the time to truly listen to what we consider to be important, what will work best for our family and then molding all of these things into his teachings, in a easy to understand, concise manner. Mike truly wants us, to help Jake achieve his fullest potentials, which truly, is much easier for the dog to grasp consistently, then sometimes us humans. He quickly sizes up, not just the dogs personality, but also the family members, which I believe is the key to his success, in working with our family, any family really. Mike is always willing to help, whether that means calling him in between sessions to ask a question, or at times, plea for help, generously sharing his time and wisdom, patiently answering our questions, calming us in an instant, with his reassuring, wise manner. Without question, I would urge you to engage Mike's professional services, because if you do, you will have no need to worry, he will help see you through till the end, he will guide you throughout, he will teach you the meaning of dog training, in a way that all family members will be thrilled to follow through and as a result, you will have a happy, delicious dog that you will love to be around, your friend for life, just as we will always consider Mike, as he too is our friend for life, a lifelong family member, along with our Jake. Thank you Thank you Mike, for the caring, concern you extend, for always knowing what to say, how to say it and for the sensitivity you show, not only to our Jake, but to all of us... "

Horowitz, L.C.S.W.

"I am 66 years young and decided to get a Golden Doodle as a friend for my 10 1/2 year old Cockapoo. Well things started out very rocky until Michael entered the picture. He not only taught me about the interaction between my dogs, but also taught me how to do basic training (all in a positive way), with both young and old. It didn't take long before everyone was getting along and life was getting back to normal in my house as opposed to a very chaotic beginning. Michael was not only worth the money he charged but was a pleasure to work with."

"Bella just finished puppy group class at Michael's Pack Training Center. Michael was very knowledgeable and helpful. This class is very helpful for a puppy who needs to learn basic commands."

P. Lucio

"Michael taught our crazy 18-month-old Golden Doodle, Flynn, with patience and firmness. He has since become a better listener. Not only did he train our dog, but also he got our entire family involved in the process and taught us how important it is for each member to follow through with the same goals in mind. Thank you Michael!"

The Antonette Family

"Shortly after getting our puppy Bianca (a 3 month old Boxer at the time), we decided to have Michael come and help us out. We are both first-time dog owners and Michael turned out to be a lifesaver! Besides for teaching us how to train Bianca to sit, stay, lay down, and "give paw", he was able to answer and address all of our questions and concerns whenever they arose. Michael taught us how to provide a loving and nurturing environment for our puppy. We could not be happier with our decision to have him as our trainer."

Robyn Sharpiro

"I am so glad that I found Michael to train my little girl Emi He started training her after I had taken her to another trainer that was putting a choke collar on her when she was only 3months old. After the one lesson she was already showing signs of becoming more aggressive and didn’t want me to put on her collar or leash. I knew then that I had to change trainers. After my first phone conversation with Michael I was confident that I had made the right choice. Michael on the first visit had Emi eating out of his hand ( no pun intended.) He taught her with kindness and patience and praise. She was a very fast learner and a little show off!! She will do anything to get her treats. I highly recommend Michael. Believe me you will be more than satisfied if you have Michael as your trainer. He will teach you and your pet how to have more communication and understanding with each other. Emi and I are a little disappointed that her sessions are over, as she grew fond of her new friend Michael. I plan on having Michael again for some follow up sessions later this year. Thank you so much Michael you did an excellent job. We will stay in touch."

Sincere regards, Claudia and of course Emi

"After adopting yet another rescue this February, Sbud (Small Barky Untrained Dog) had severe issues with aggressive barking and lunging at passersby and houseguests. We are experienced dog owners, who have raised and trained other dogs without issue. However, Spud was different. We tried the Brian Kilcommons/Barbara Woodhouse method we used successfully with our first two dogs. We then tried the Cesar Milan method. We read and searched the web. We talked to our vet. I interviewed several dog trainers over the phone and just was not at peace with any of them. Except Michael. While Sbud still has some work to do, the results have been transformative. I think Michael's strengths speak for themselves: patience, kind, peaceful, strong, disciplined, affectionate. Michael does not subscribe to one style of training. He feels that each dog is an individual -- and once the dog's basic instinctual needs are fulfilled -- the true personality of each dog does dictate the proper training. I would highly recommend Michael -- whether it is training a new puppy, an older dog that has bad habits, or a rescue with a sorry history - like our dog, Sbud. Sbud is a much better dog having worked with Michael.....and I am sure we would not still have Sbud if Michael had not come to our rescue!"

Kathleen and Jeff

"Michael is the absolute best dog trainer I have ever met. His personality is comforting and he demonstrates clearly what it means to be a pack leader. Thank you Michael!"

"My husband and I rescued a 5-month-old black lab, Hank. Although Hank immediately became part of our family, he still had some "issues" that needed some work. Hank is high-energy lab that would go crazy whenever he came in contact with another dog on the street. He needed socialization and exercise FAST!! That's where Michael came along!! Michael has been such a blessing! Michael's way with dogs is to be commended. His love for dogs, knowledge of the pack and positive ways has truly made a big difference with Hank! That became evident yesterday when we were able to enjoy bringing Hank to a dog park and watch him interact with 10 other dogs!! Thank you, Michael!!!"

"Lois and her puppy Oliver a Maltese- The training received in class met our expectations. Michael was very patient and the class was enjoyable to all. Love the free playtime!"

"Bailey's group puppy class exceeded our expectations. We learned so many techniques for training a good puppy. This was a great training program to get your dog use to other dogs and it trained me to be a better lead."

"Sean and Jessica and their dog Rufus a Mini Labradoodle - Rufus benefited from participating in this class and we would recommend it to others."

"Shortly after getting our puppy Bianca (a 3 month old Boxer at the time), we decided to have Michael come and help us out.  We are both first-time dog owners and Michael turned out to be a lifesaver!  Besides for teaching us how to train Bianca to sit, stay, lay down, and "give paw", he was able to answer and address all of our questions and concerns whenever they arose.  Michael taught us how to provide a loving and nurturing environment for our puppy.  We could not be happier with our decision to have him as our trainer."

"Diane and her puppy Trixie a Maltipoo - We enjoyed the class very much and we hope to take additional classes"

"Andrew and his King Charles named Zoey - Great job Mike - we’ll be back!"

"All I want to say is when we first got Amica and her being a Cane Corso, I was scared along with other family members. But!! Michael eased my/our fears. We are so happy we chose the right trainer. God bless you, Michael."

"Michael is wonderful; he trained both my dog and me. My black Labrador Emily has a lot of energy and used it to chew up every and anything in the house. Thanks to Michael she is a calmer dog that chews only her chew toys now."

"Michael is an absolute blessing. With his help Frank my problem puppy has learned to walk on a leash, sit, and listen. In our training sessions we have accomplished so much, more than I could have ever hoped for. He gave me the confidence to take control and Frank the confidence to go out into the world. Before training Frank cowed in a corner and ran amok whenever possible. Frank walks with confidence, sits with pride, and we both have hope that new adventures are always possible. Both Frank and I can’t wait to do another round of training sessions and will be forever grateful for the help and coaching we have both received."

"My dog is better behaved and calmer since my training sessions. Me and Baci looked forward to every class. Mike was very helpful and genuinely cared about each dog."

Our dog is starting a new path to a much happier life, and so are we.


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