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Michael was our trainer. He did a great job not only training the dog, but training us on how to be better owners. He taught us techniques that really worked

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Books Written by Michael’s Pack Founder, Michael Schaier

What Can You Expect When You Are Expecting A Puppy book

What Can You Expect When You Are Expecting A Puppy

This inviting, humorous and easy to follow guide prepares you for the challenges that lie ahead and the joy a new puppy can bring. Starting from the planning stage before the puppy arrives straight through to adolescence, What Can You Expect When You Are Expecting A Puppy prepares you for everything youโ€™ll need to know in order to raise a happy, well-centered dog using positive reinforcement training methods.

Wag That Tail: A Trainer's Guide to a Happy Dog

Wag That Tail: A Trainer’s Guide to a Happy Dog

This book focuses on the two most important aspects of a dogโ€™s life, exercise and socialization. It details stress management and the power of intentional exercise. Also, why socialization is critical to your dogโ€™s happiness as well as your own and how to achieve it. Wag that Tail differs from other training books on the market in that it addresses the fundamentals of a peaceful, calm co-existence between dogs and humans.

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