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Michael was our trainer. He did a great job not only training the dog, but training us on how to be better owners. He taught us techniques that really worked

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Books Written by Michael’s Pack Founder, Michael Schaier

What Can You Expect When You Are Expecting A Puppy book

What Can You Expect When You Are Expecting A Puppy

This inviting, humorous and easy to follow guide prepares you for the challenges that lie ahead and the joy a new puppy can bring. Starting from the planning stage before the puppy arrives straight through to adolescence, What Can You Expect When You Are Expecting A Puppy prepares you for everything you’ll need to know in order to raise a happy, well-centered dog using positive reinforcement training methods.

Wag That Tail: A Trainer's Guide to a Happy Dog

Wag That Tail: A Trainer’s Guide to a Happy Dog

This book focuses on the two most important aspects of a dog’s life, exercise and socialization. It details stress management and the power of intentional exercise. Also, why socialization is critical to your dog’s happiness as well as your own and how to achieve it. Wag that Tail differs from other training books on the market in that it addresses the fundamentals of a peaceful, calm co-existence between dogs and humans.

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